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  • I like it where it gets dark at night, and if you want noise, you have to make it yourself.

    Tarek Al Arian
  • It was strange how loud the world was when you weren't filling it up with your own noise.

    Anas Nasri
  • I'm so cool that the kids come to my bedroom and go, 'Mom! Turn the music down!

    Assala Nasri


ReleasesLatest releases

  • 60 Dqiqa Haiah
    60 Dqiqa Haiah Number of tracks : 10
    60 Dqiqa Haiah

    Album Name: 60 Dqiqa Haiah

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2015

    Genre: Pop


    1. Molhemto El Wahida 05:33

    2. El Ward El Balady 03:30

    3. Soaal Basit 04:54

    4. Aisha Ala Ely Fat 04:19

    5. Mawaqef Moalema 03:34

    6. 60 Dqiqa Haiah 05:55

    7. Boaadak Ani 05:19

    8. Ala Eh 04:28

    9. Khanat El Zekrayat 04:54

    10. Manazel 06:59

  • El Selim W El Thoaban Movie
    El Selim W El Thoaban Number of tracks : 4
    El Selim W El Thoaban Movie

    Album Name: El Selim W El Thoaban

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2001

    Genre: OST


    1. Tango 03:15

    2. Ba’trf 02:13

    3. Ana Habet 04:46

    4. Aeish 03:29

  • Tito Movie
    Tito Movie Number of tracks : 5
    Tito Movie

    Album Name: Tito Movie

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2004

    Genre: OST


    1. Meshwar Tawel 03:04

    2. Atr El Hayah 03:14

    3. Tito (Music) 06:25

    4. The Beginning (Music) 06:06

    5. Music Bridge 01:27

  • Kanoun Kefak
    Kanoun Kefak Number of tracks : 9
    Kanoun Kefak

    Album Name: Kanoun Kefak

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2010

    Genre: World & Classic


    1. Ya Rasy El T’ab 06:12

    2. Sem W Asal 05:26

    3. Shakhs Yohtam 04:31

    4. Te’bt Aradik 04:36

    5. Bas Daqiqa 04:30

    6. Sharha W Attab 04:40

    7. Shof ‘ozr 04:26

    8. Ela Mata 05:08

    9. Kanoun Kefak 04:52

  • Lielt Gharam
    Lielt Gharam Number of tracks : 8
    Lielt Gharam

    Album Name: Lielt Gharam

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2006

    Genre: World


    1. Sultan El Gharam 04:57

    2. Min Waqt Lel Tani 05:01

    3. Lielt Gharam 03:54

    4. Kam Yom 04:05

    5. Delwaqty 03:59

    6. Astahel 03:35

    7. Hasess 04:16

    8. Khabet Alia 04:41

  • Habebi El Awalany
    Habebi El Awalany Number of tracks : 10
    Habebi El Awalany

    Album Name: Habebi El Awalany

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2006

    Genre: World & Pop


    1. Habibi EL Awalany 03:48

    2. Hatb’d Yom 04:32

    3. Lamma Enta Bta’ml … 03:55

    4. La Ya Albi 03:59

    5. Alf Mashallah 04:21

    6. Bahebek 04:14

    7. Mosh Ana 03:37

    8. Farragt El Nas Alia 03:49

    9. Sektti Leh 04:41

    10. Layali 04:38

  • Ghamadt Ainy
    Ghamadt Ainy Number of tracks : 13
    Ghamadt Ainy

    Album Name: Ghamadt Ainy

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2008

    Genre: World & Pop


    1. Ghamdt Ainy 03:56

    2. Dali Bastnah 03:55

    3. Nefsi A’raf 02:35

    4. Agbetni 04:12

    5. Bahes Beh 04:14

    6. We Mnen 03:47

    7. Faker Zaman 04:30

    8. Mabalash 03:50

    9. Law Hata Mesh Hases 04:36

    10. Kelma 04:07

    11. El Kalam Kolo 03:51

    12. Gwaya Hat’ish 04:51

    13. Feh Eh 03:28

  • Kamelna Baad
    Kamelna Baad Number of tracks : 14
    Kamelna Baad

    Album Name: Kamelna Baad

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2010

    Genre: World & Pop


    1. Wala Alf Zaik 03:40

    2. Haeshlik 04:13

    3. W Ana Lwahdi 04:50

    4. Lesa Fakra 02:00

    5. Kona Soghiren 04:00

    6. Makontsh Adaha 04:30

    7. El Naharda 04:35

    8. Ya Foraq 02:56

    9. Kan Kalami 04:26

    10. Talab Yeshofni 04:38

    11. Sora Menk 04:46

    12. Moagb Beki 03:18

    13. Kamelna Baad 05:07

    14. Odam Betha 04:06

  • Shakhsia Anida
    Shakhsia Anida Number of tracks : 10
    Shakhsia Anida

    Album Name: Shakhsia Anida

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2012

    Genre: Pop


    1. Shaghel Baly 04:09

    2. Sabny 04:16

    3. Rohy Wakhdani 05:08

    4. Ol Bahebak 05:21

    5. Kabrtak Ala Sedak 03:50

    6. Bona’an Ala… 04:40

    7. Begad Teganen 04:22

    8. Asasy 03:30

    9. Ana Hobak 04:17

    10. Shakhsia Anida 04:46

  • Arabely
    Arabely Number of tracks : 8

    Album Name: Arabely

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2008

    Genre: World, Rock & Underground


    1. Arabely 04:18

    2. Shams El Nahar 03:27

    3. Wust El Balad 04:24

    4. Antika 05:19

    5. Yemkn 03:52

    6. Hela Hob 03:06

    7. Etklmy 04:21

    8. Qol Lel Maliha 05:34

  • Alby Byhlam
    Alby Byhlam Number of tracks : 8
    Alby Byhlam

    Album Name: Alby Byhlam

    Composer: V/A

    Release Date: 2005

    Genre: World & Pop


    1. Ah Law Bas Te’raf 04:15

    2. Elly Bys’al 03:48

    3. Taal 03:32

    4. Alby Byhlam 03:11

    5. Olt Ely Andy 04:00

    6. Alby Khalas 04:07

    7. Low Kont Hases 04:10

    8. Habebi Estana 02:33

  • Ya Ghaly Alaya
    Ya Ghaly Alaya Number of tracks : 8
    Ya Ghaly Alaya

    Album Name: Ya Ghaly Alaya

    Composer: WAMA Band

    Release Date: 2005

    Genre: World


    1. A’rably Men Rohy 04:00

    2. Ma’drsh Ansak 03:28

    3. Da Kalam 04:53

    4. Ya Ghaly Alaya 03:35

    5. Lama Abeltaha 04:57

    6. Tehlefly Asada’ 04:04

    7. Hatbe’ Khalas 04:47

    8. Albak W Alby 04:18

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Starss &Bands

  • Khaled Selim

    Khaled Selim

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Khaled SelimNick Name: Khaled SelimBirth Date: 1975/11/06Place Of Birth: KuwaitOccupation: Singer

    Best Known For

    Khaled Selim started his early journey with art since his childhood by listening to the masters of traditional Arabic music such as Om Kalthoum, Mohamed Abdul Wahab, Abdel Halim Hafez, Fayrouz, Warda, and many others. Being born into a family that highly appreciated the golden age of music played a major role in influencing Khaled’s artistic talent and musical taste. As a child, Khaled’s talent started flourishing through his participation in various school events, as he was given constant support from his teachers who believed in his unique singing abilities.

    Living in Kuwait in the childhood years gave Khaled Selim a great opportunity to explore various types of music from different parts of the globe, a fact that helped broaden his musical culture. He got to learn about diverse forms of art and to sing proficiently in various dialects of Arabic in addition to singing in English and Turkish. Khaled also excelled in playing many musical instruments such as the lute, the piano, and many more.


    Khaled Selim’s first steps towards his singing dream started when he moved back to Egypt where he joined the Faculty of Commerce in Cairo University. Naturally, Khaled joined the university band through which he was faced for the first time with a big audience from university students. Khaled’s voice dazzled everyone with its strength, warmth and, above all, its spectacular sophistication, which was long yearned for by Arabic music listeners. His concerts created a huge success leading him to participate in several singing contests. For three consecutive years, he was able to win the Best Singer award on the level of all Egyptian universities. From here came the true start of Khaled Selim’s successful singing career.

    Nadeem Nour

    Nadeem Nour

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Nadeem NourNick Name: Nadeem NourBirth Date: 1987/06/01Place Of Birth: Amman, JordanOccupation: Singer

    Best Known For

    He's a Jordanian singer breaking through lights to be a future star,


    He's a Jordanian singer breaking through lights to be a future star . the reason of his artistic name "Nadeem Nour" was Tarek El Arian's idea, cause he said that from the 1st moment you hear him u can feel the light in his voice.

    WAMA Band

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: WAMA BandNick Name: WAMABirth Date: 1999/01/01Place Of Birth: Cairo, EgyptOccupation: Music Band

    Best Known For

    WAMA was formed in 1999. They wrote their own lyrics and started composing, singing, and arranging their demo tape. The first song they wrote "Hobaha Gowa El Albien" (Her love inside two hearts) was based on the true story of a girl whom both Fahmi and Nour liked! The single was composed by Nour and arranged by Waddour. The title track "Ya Leil" was remixed with a house mix to appeal to the club scene. The track was written in celebration of Ahmed Fahmi's engagement to his long-time girlfriend. Their first album "Ya Leil", which was released in 2003, proved to be a great success and propelled the band to the heights of stardom.

    Waddour (Nader Hamdy): Was born on September 17th in Cairo. Waddour is the most reserved member of the band. He likes to keep to himself and lets out his emotions in his arrangement of the band's music. His father was a musician and his mother was an actress. His passion for Piano became evident at an early age and eventually reaped its rewards. His talent became so evident, that famous maestros like Daniel Barenboin asked for him personally to perform in international concerts and take part in classical music competitions. He looks up to Michael Jackson and Abdel Halim Hafez. His aim is to present a new genre to Egypt and the region and hopefully achieve crossover appeal with his music.

    Ahmed Shamy: Was born in Cairo on September 12th. Ahmed is very adventurous and outgoing. He lived most of his childhood in Germany, where his father was working. At the age of 10, he moved to Cairo and joined the Conservatoire. His father is the dean of the Conservatoire, which explains Ahmed's early passion for music. At the tender age of Four, Ahmed would spend his day in the kitchen, where he would use the pots and pans as a drum set and serenade the house all day. It is no surprise that since those early days, Ahmed has been passionate about drums and has displayed an overwhelming talent with that instrument. He looks up to Mohamed Mounir and his aim is to elevate his music to a higher, more educated level, and present a new standard for his listeners.


    Mohamed Nour: Was born on January 18th in Cairo. His handsome looks and strong physique have made him very popular with the ladies and turned him into an admired heartthrob with the fans. However, his looks do not undermine his passion and talent for music. His love for the violin and the passion of his lyrics are all indications of a very talented artist. Mohamed is one of the founders of the band and is considered the vocal power behind it. His participation at an early age in international concerts, playing alongside big stars like Rachid Taha and Cheb Khaled, has added value and experience and has helped him mature into a serious artist. He looks up to Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Michael Bolton. His goal is to reach people with his music, and with it, reach the heights of fame.

    Ahmed Fahmi: Was born on March 17th in Cairo. Ahmed is the romantic and emotional member of the band; his eyes will tell you that. Ahmed, along with Mohamed Nour, was the founder of the band. Besides being the lead vocalist, he also plays the violin, writes lyrics and composes some of WAMA's music. Going from classical music and performing in international concerts, to Arabic pop, was a move that Fahmi has always considered inevitable. He has always been intrigued by Arabic music and the chance to perform in a band with friends that he has known for most of his life, was an opportunity he wasn't going to pass. When he decided to form the band with Nour and noticed the enthusiasm of Shamy and Waddour to take part, it was like a dream come true. He looks up to Abdel Halim Hafez and his goal is that of most talented and respected artists: reach music immortality.

  • Mai Selim

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Mai Hamdan SelimNick Name: Mai SelimBirth Date: 1983/11/06Place Of Birth: Dubai, UAEOccupation: Singer, Actor & Presenter

    Best Known For

    Mai Selim is considered one of the leading Pop Stars in the region, she was born in the United Arab Emirates and moved with her family to Egypt where she was raised and started her singing career.


    Mai as the youngest of her siblings; she never though she will build up a career of singing! But her passion leads her to an unexpected opportunity when she meets with the producer Tariq Al Irian who gave her first break. She released her first album “Alby Byhlam” which was released in 2005. She shoot her first video with famous Lebanese director Nadine Labaky.

    in 2007 she released her 2nd album “Ehlwet El Ayam” which was produced by one of the names richest people in the world Mr. Najib Sawiris, after 3 years she released her 3rd one “Lyna Kalam Ba’aden”.

    Ahmed Saad

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Ahmed SaadNick Name: Ahmed SaadBirth Date: 1981/08/21Place Of Birth: Cairo, EgyptOccupation: Singer, Composer & Presenter

    Best Known For

    Ahmed Saad, a young Egyptian singer and talented was born in Cairo.

    The Ahmed Saad of the most prominent young artists emerging in the art scene, love art and music from a young age has been raised in artistic family And His Brother Amr Saad turn professional acting has met in film tape, "Shehata shop" where Ahmed Saad afternoon vote participated Amr representation, has returned in the series "Kingdom of the mountain "to Aaannaga creativity and success.

    Ahmed Saad, issued in 2003, his first album titled "Ashky Lmeen" included eight songs and famous to add the song to the album the song "spiritual darling", "day two" and "dear my eyes.".


    In the year 2007, and after a series of successful songs, Ahmed Saad, issued his second album entitled "The Hhetny eyes", which included twelve song best known songs, including "Gerhona", "Kefaya Keda" "All Night" and the song "Teach Me Love.".

    Excellence Ahmed Saad warm large artistic talent and voice factors which contributed to ascend the ladder of stardom Ahmed Saad and was able to find his way in the technical arena steadily. Ahmed Saad was chosen to sing the song Generic series "righteousness of the World" Egyptian actor Sherif Mounir Championship large group of other artists.

    Haitham Nabil

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Haitham Ahmed NabilNick Name: Haitham NabilBirth Date: 1983/05/14Place Of Birth: Cairo, EgyptOccupation: Singer

    Best Known For

    Haitham graduated from 6 October University Majoring in Media and Mass Communication. He started a band with his friends, for which he sang and composed many of their songs. When he went to college he sang in many of the University’s concerts and special events.

    Haitham realized that music was apart of him, and for it to be just a hobby was not fulfilling for him. He wanted to pursue his dream in making music his profession.

    When starting his journey, he met many producers but did not feel that they were what he wanted. It wasn’t until he came across Libo, a Libyan record company managed by Hamid El Shaery, where Haitham signed his first contract at the age of 21.


    Produced by Libo and arranged by El Shaery, Haitham made his first song Ya Fora2 which was one of the top 10 in 2004.With the release of Ya Fora2 Haitham began his rise to fame. When El Shaery left Libo, Haitham faced many problems with the Libyan producer, and he decided to leave the company.

    Haitham’s second song, Kelmet Wada3, aired on Nogoom FM in 2005, and many listeners responded positively to the song.
    After Kelmet wada3, Haitham signed his second contract with Star Gate, which is owned by the great producer Tarek El Arian . With Star Gate Haitham shot his first music video for his song Kan Kalamy, directed by Tarek Al Arian 2006 . Then Haitham started working on his first album which took him 2 years of hard work.

  • Assala Nasri

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Assala Mostafa Hatem NasriNick Name: Assala NasriBirth Date: 1969/05/15Place Of Birth: Damascus, SyriaOccupation: Singer & Presenter

    Best Known For

    Assala Mostafa Hatem Nasri was born 15 May 1969 is a Syrian musical artist, Asalah was born in Damascus, Syria to a middle class couple. Mostafa Nasri, Asalah's father, was a revered Syrian composer and singer. Asalah began her musical career by performing patriotic, religious, and children's songs when she was four years old. She sang the theme song "Qessas Al Sho'oub" of the cartoon show, Hekayat Alamiyah . In 1986, Mostafa Nasri died after suffering from internal bleeding caused by a car accident. Aged 17 she helped care for her siblings, Reem, Amani, Ayman and Ayham with her mother.


    Asalah's commercial musical career debuted in 1991 with Law Ta'rafou , The album had 4 songs in the oriental operatic tarab style. The album was an instant hit with heartbreaking songs like Ya Sabra Yana and Samehtak Ketir.

    Asalah has four children two from her first marriage to Ayman Al Dahabi and The other two are twins from Tarek AlAryaan . She currently has custody of both their children, Sham and Khaled. She is now married to famous Palestinian-American director Tarek Al Aryaan. She was pregnant with Tarek's child in early 2007 but suffered a miscarriage halfway through the pregnancy. Asalah is a Sunni Muslim. She was granted Bahraini citizenship by Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa a few days after she gave a spectacular performance in the operetta Love and Loyalty in celebration of Bahrain’s Independence Day.[citation needed] Asalah holds three citizenship; Syrian (Mother Nationaltity) Bahraini (Second Nationality).

    Wust El Balad

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Wust El Balad BandNick Name: Wust El BaladBirth Date: 1999/01/01Place Of Birth: Cairo, EgyptOccupation: Music Band

    Best Known For

    Adham El Saeid, Born on April 6, 1969
    Inspired by his grandmother's renditions of songs from the villages in Upper Egypt, and his uncle who engaged him in the country's oral traditions, Adham brings the traditional oriental sense to the group, counterbalancing the dominant western influence. History department graduate, Adham El Saeid knows how to sing a good “Mawal” that attracts all Wust El Balad Audience, Foreigners before Egyptians.

    Hany Adel, Born on September 20, 1977
    The "attractive one" as called in many occasions.
    It was Omran's and his idea to put together the group of Wust El Balad. Beside composing some of the songs, Hany is a whole show himself, his great presence combined with his lively guitar playing, and his energetic, sensitive voice brings the band to its maximum energy level.

    Ahmed Omran, Born on November 15, 1977
    The Not-Always-Present member of Wust El Balad.
    Though being one of the two founders of the Group, Omran is not always available at all concerts, but when he is, you will listen to one of the best Oud players around. Omran is the only member in the band who has a formal musical background. Playing Oud and Flute, sometimes composing some of the songs, Omran completes the Wust el Balad image.


    Ahmed Omar, Born on September 28, 1977
    Born in Egypt to an Eriterian father, certainly affected his sense of music. Omar joined the music scene more than 4 years ago, starting with singing, playing guitar and then moving to his current instrument, bass guitar. Omar, believing that music is the most important issue in life, resigned from his former job as a teacher in german. His "Eritrean" melody reflects a true sense of imagination and creativity.

    Asaad Nessim, Born on November 20, 1966
    Watching and listening how he masters the guitar, one would think that he started playing a long long time ago. In fact, Asaad first played the Piano for over 6 years, before figuring out that Spanish guitar is his main destiny.And it can be said, that he is now one of the best Spanish guitar players all over Egypt. Extremely calm, very sensitive andconcentrated, playing with a very difficult technique, Asaad knows how to get the attention while playing one of his brilliant Solos whithin his role as the lead guitarist of Wust el Balad.

    Ehab Abdel Hameed, Born on November 6, 1976
    Ehab or Bob began his real career with the Wust el Balad band, after many rehearsals with Modo, the Senegalese singer, and Ismail Fawzy. Still a law student, but yet to be considered one of the most wanted percussion players in Egypt, Bob is one of the first who played with "Cajun", the famous Spanish instrument. No one can ever mistake the enthusiasm in which Bob always performs. Bob and Mizo are the most famous Percussion Duo in Egypt.

    Mohammed Gamal Al Din, Born on February 10, 1982
    Kids, who grow up in families of musicians, always end up wanting to be musicians themselves, that's the case with Mohammed as he is the grandson of a very famous composer. As one of the most important percussion players in Cairo, Mizo always lightens up the stage with his conversational-like performance with Bob.

    Ramy Sabry

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Ramy SabryNick Name: Ramy SabryBirth Date: 1978/03/15Place Of Birth: Cairo, EgyptOccupation: Singer & Composer

    Best Known For

    Rami Sabry (born on 15 March 1978) is a well known Egyptian singer, Before graduating from the music academy in Egypt, he had already started his musical career by composing songs for a few known singers, such as Amer Mounib, Sherine and Fadl Shaker . In 2005 he met director Tarek Alrian who immediately decided to adopt Ramy’s talent and to produce his first album "Habiby Al Awalany." Three videos were shot, two of which were directed by Tarek Alarian and one by Moussa Eissa. Having launched his first album, Ramy went on to participate in many musical events such as: live concerts, school proms and university welcome parties. Eventually, Ramy became successful and has now become a well known singer in Egypt. Moreover, in the media field, he appeared in three big show programs in the middle east: Taratata, which was shot in Paris, Nagham and Sekout Hanghny. He was even selected to be given some movie scripts to be considered for pf which he unfortunately turned down. In Ramy point of view, he wishes that Tarek Alarian direct his first film as he feels he would most likely present Ramy in his best image.


    In 2008, Rami worked hard to put out his second album, but he began experiencing delays. His musical album was leaked to websites and all his work lost. Therefore, The album has been postponed in the markets more than once. Ramy was racing against time to make his album see the light again, he made new songs for his album in a record time. Finally, his album was put in markets and has seen an overwhelming success and sales even with lack of advertising, which was confined to one ad on television and some posters.

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